How to make money by listening to music?

This world is a strange place now. In the past, making money was only possible through conventional means and norms but now the money-making regime is completely different. With the advent of social media, online platforms and applications; making money has a completely new definition attached to it now.

Imagine making money through filling survey forms, online shopping, and online tutoring and even by listening to music. Yes! You read that right. You can earn money by listening to music online. Probably you are asking yourself, “how do I make money by listening to music?

All you need to do is to register yourself with a platform that supports money through listening to music, actually listening to music and writing reviews about it.

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I am sure by this time, there will be a gazillion questions flooding your mind: questions like:

  1. Why would anyone pay you for listening to music?
  2. Is it for real?
  3. Will you be investing some money?
  4. How does it even work?

But the truth is, it is completely true and legitimate. You can actually earn money (and some really good money) through listening to music, providing feedback and writing reviews.


Survey Junkie– Joining Survey Junkie is a no-brainer. Their surveys are short, easy, and you can pick and choose which surveys you want to take.  The site pays up to $45 per Survey and has a 4-star rating on Trustpilot.Start earning now

Vindale Research– Vindale is a secure, reliable and free survey site for anyone who wants to earn money online. Why is Vindale the best-paid survey site? Because it pay up to $50 per survey and it pays on time! Click here, confirm your email and start earning today.

Swagbucks – Swagbucks is the largest online rewards site that gives free gift cards to its members for their online activities. Members receive free gift cards for Taking Surveys, Shopping, Searching the Web, Watching Videos, and Playing Games. $5 bonus for new users

What exactly will you be doing?

Here is a complete breakdown of steps that you will be required to perform in order to start cashing on the increase in your pocket money. Don’t panic, it is not rocket science rather a really simple process.

  • You hunt for websites that offer to pay you while you listen and review music.
  • Set up and configure a profile. Wait for its approval.
  • Once your profile is approved. You begin your work.
  • You listen to music and you review it. SIMPLE!
  •  Mostly you will be listening and reviewing work of new and budding music artists. The more you listen, the more you earn.

That is really it. No investment, no gimmicks and no hidden clauses. Isn’t it a wonderful idea and who doesn’t like some extra money rolling in?

Top 8 platforms to earn/make money by listening to music

Now, let me introduce you to the top websites that will pay you for listening to music and reviewing it. Choose what suits you the best and start making some Moneyyy through music.

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Musicxray is a website that has been developed for amateur music artists (singers/songwriters). The people submitting their work need to pay a certain amount of money to be able to upload their work on the website. The basic purpose of this website is to connect the unknown talent with the talent hunters.

You as a user who intends to listen to music can sign up for free and start listening to the music of these new and budding artists. The website (Musicxray) will in return pay you for taking time out and listen to the music produced by not so experienced and popular individuals.

Usually, they will be paying you 10cents for a single song (which is not more than 30sec duration).

The more songs you listen, the more money you make. The payments are made through PayPal and you will be able to withdraw a minimum balance of $20. So what are you waiting for, sign up as a Musicxray fan user, listen to music and EARN MONEY!


This is another great platform to earn money by listening to music. Although the functionality of this website is a little different, it pays really well nonetheless. All you need to do is to be able to write the lyrics of the songs in plain text as you listen to them.

It surely requires a certain level of skill set and concentration but the website pays a nice $4 per song.

So if you think, you will be able to transcribe the song as it plays, then you can earn a really good amount of money with WeLocalize. Just keep on listening to songs and keep transcribing them. So, if you listen to 30 songs a month, you can be earning around $120 per month. Not a bad deal at all.

All transactions are made through Wire transfer and ACH. If you believe that you have what it takes to write the lyrics of the songs in plain text on the go, then WeLocalize is just for you.



RadioLoyalty is a very interesting platform to earn money. It is a web-based radio that pays you for listening to it. You need to check if this service is available in your region or not but it offers its services in numerous countries worldwide. It has a wide variety of stations that you can listen to.

But why would a radio pay you for listening? It is because, once you tune in you not only listen to music but listen to advertisements as well. RadioLoyalty is backed by sponsors and it in return advertises those sponsors. Once you tune in, you actually listen to the music and the advertisements.

For every 10 minutes of music that you listen (after you have scored 10 points) on the RadioLoyalty, you get paid in the form of points which can be exchanged for Gift cards. You need to stay active and keep filling CAPTCHA challenges after every 5 minutes. This ensures that you are human and actually listening.

So, all you need to do is to sign up, tune in, stay active, listen and earn. I am sure you would not mind fun and entertainment and some extra money!


RadioEarn is a radio platform that works on a very simple phenomenon; you listen to radio and you earn money. All you need to do is to sign up and listen to radio. A great additional option for you is to integrate the radio option in your website and invite other people to listen to the radio as well. More people listening, means more money for you.

This is a great idea to generate passive income. Even if you are not listening to radio yourself, you are still earning money because people on your website are. You keep on listening to the radio and music and you keep on earning money after every 15 minutes. The more you listen the more you earn.

All of your earned points will then be converted to US dollars. All transactions are made through PayPal at the end of the month. I personally love this idea, because it is easy money through fun but also a great way of generating passive income. So hop on and start making money the fun way.

All the websites and music companies that will pay you in return of you listening to music are actually in need of you. They require you to listen to music and review it. is also a music research company that pays users and listeners because they require feedback from you.

They need you to tell them what kind of music would you like to hear and they will pay you. You log on to the website and listen to music and later fill out a survey form that is emailed to you. You are required to fill out the survey form and earn points.

You can redeem the points you earn in the form of Amazon gift cards. The more sample music you listen, the more survey forms you fill and the more points you earn. It is  a great platform to earn money if you free time to spare during daily commute or even during the day.


The music industry is a massive business. More and more artists try their luck every single day to make it big in the world of music and there are a number of platforms providing them the capability to be seen and identified.

These websites and platforms require the general audience and fans to listen to their music to provide feedback, make them famous and something big.

Once you help them do that, you get paid in return. This is the process that most of the websites follow who pays for listening to music.

Hitpredictor is no different. It is a music research company which means that it asks followers and users to listen to sample music and review it before playing the songs on air. If you are a hit predictor user, you simply sign up with the website and listen to music. After that you review it and earn 3 points on each review you provide.

These 3 points are equivalent to $1 which can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards once you reach the minimum limit. You can also rate artists and earn points. Hitpredictor needs you for its own business and hence will pay you for your valuable time and reviews.


Cash4minutes is another valid and great platform to earn money by listening to music. As I mentioned in the start, there are so many people who inquire and are skeptical about the authenticity of platforms paying for listening to music. But such platforms do exist and Cash4minutes is one of them.

All you need to do is to sign up with them. You fill out your credentials and also provide your contact number. After you have provided your credentials, you will be asked to carry out a series of tasks (via email).

You will be provided with the choice of listening to any one of the radio channel among the ones that are available. You can earn up to $1 per minute. Payments are made through PayPal and you can also redeem your points or money through Amazon gift cards.

I have said that before and I will say that again, these platforms are not a scam and are actually a great way to earn money and increase your pocket money. Just keep on listening to music, providing reviews and keep on earning money.


Earnably is another such platform that pays you for completing tasks. The tasks can be of any sort, for instance filling out surveys, watching online videos, advertisements and music videos or listening to music.

According to a recent research, in the list of most searched topics, how to make money online was among the top ten. The answer is right here and is pretty simple. All you need to do is to sign up with platforms and websites that pay for listening to music and start earning.

With Earnably you need to collect a minimum of 225 points which are equal to $2 and can then be withdrawn. So next time you wonder, how to earn money at home or how to earn money through listening to music; here is your answer.

These are some of the top websites and online platforms that support the idea and concept to earn money through listening to music.

As I have mentioned it before and I will say it again; you need to do smart work rather than hard work if you intend to earn easy money.

Earning money through listening to music surely seems like an easy task but what music to listen and where to listen is the key question. You should always remember that your time, effort and opinion is worth a lot of value. Be sure that you invest them properly.


To sum up the important aspects of how to earn money through listening to music, go through a brief and comprehensive summary provided below:

  1. Do you research and shortlist the websites and music companies that are legitimate and pay well.
  2. Sign up with multiple platforms at the same time and earn more money.
  3. Stay up to date and informed about all the new market places that drop in the market and are a potential source of making money through listening to music.
  4. Write good, comprehensive and reliable reviews.
  5. Keep an eye on the radio platforms, music research companies and websites who pay for listening to music.
  6. Use interesting gimmicks like incorporating radio and website links on your webpage to generate passive income and increase traffic.

Here is what I had to offer regarding how you can earn money through listening to music. So get your thinking caps on, put your earphones in place and start rocking and rolling.

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