How to make money on Pinterest without a blog?

Chances are that if you have opened up this post you are really eager to know about “how exactly can you make money on Pinterest without a blog?”. Gone are the days when people relied heavily and solely on a single mode of income, and extra means of earning money were either too little, too complex or too unreliable.

Make money on Pinterest without a blog

This is today: fast, accessible, and modern and always on the go. Social media has proven majorly in the last decade or so that everything is possible.

From earning money to running businesses, from being a successful entrepreneur to taking up blogging as a profession; everything is possible. Earning money from the comfort of your home was never this easy. Pinterest is one such platform (among many others) that can help you earn money from the comfort of your home and that too without any investment and without a blog.


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As much as this claim sounds pretty average, fictional and unrealistic to you; I assure you that it is very much true, realistic, reliable and achievable. All you need to do is to adopt a smart approach about your work and efforts; be vigilant, be smart, be attentive and be focused.

What if I tell you that I along with many of my friends have actually earned a lot using Pinterest as the platform also without running a blog. No, I am not making vague claims and am certainly very very serious.

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Are you interested? Then let’s sign up!

If you are still with me on this; reading and hooked then that means that you are very much intrigued by the idea of making money through Pinterest without a blog and seriously interested in knowing HOW EXACTLY!

First thing is first, although making money through Pinterest using your blog is a very frequently and commonly talked about subject, if you want to make money through Pinterest without a blog you need to set up an account. OBVIOUSLY!

Signing up with Pinterest and setting up an account (if you don’t already have one) is a pretty simple process. Just hop on to the website, select the option of “Signing up” and enter your details. It is recommended to complete all the steps manually and not to use the option “sign up with Google or Facebook”.

Once you have signed up, the next step is to start browsing. Pinterest asks you to select a minimum of 5 (or more) topics or fields that you are interested in. These topics of interest are reference points which the site uses to recommend posts and ideas to you.


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Select a niche.

 Although having a wide range of interests is not a bad thing to have but Pinterest works best if you have a streamlined and centered focus. This focal point is also referred to as the niche. Once you have narrowed down your primary area of interest a.k.a. niche, you basically relate yourself to a particular field. You work towards that field, create and promote content related to that field, link and provide ideas related to that field ONLY!

Since Pinterest is such a colorful and engaging platform, one easily gets carried away and often feels tempted to select funny topics, cute topics or looks-interesting topics but with your money-making Pinterest account; doing so is a BIG NO! Make sure you select your niche, focus on that and remain true to that.

You can select from a variety of niches but make sure it is related to the type of products you will be promoting. This brings me to the first idea that I will be sharing with you regarding making money on Pinterest without a blog.

Use Affiliate marketing to earn money on Pinterest without a blog!

 Still, don’t get what I am trying to say here? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Imagine you use a product or service and fall in love with it. Just recently I used a new hand cream and I couldn’t stop raving about it. I told my mom, my sister, my friends and all of them actually bought the product because I was so full of praise for it.

This is simply the gist of affiliate marketing. I promoted a product that I used and loved and actually contributed to the sales of that product. Now if the manufacturers decide to pay me every time I become responsible for their sales; I earn money.

I decide on a pre-set commission that the company will pay me every time I get the company new customers. Using Pinterest as a platform I can do that so much more easily and effectively and so can YOU!

Once you have decided on a niche you select the related topics as the topics of interest. For example, if you wish to promote products related to fashion then you will select topics like men’s fashion, women’s fashion, shoes, perfumes, cosmetics, skincare, hairstyles, teen outfits, school looks and so on…

Once you have decided on your niche, you know what topics you will be discussing and what content you will be playing with; you have set your grounds for earning money through Pinterest. Next, you put up a nice and engaging profile photo and begin your journey.

Before I actually fill you up on what is the next thing you are supposed to do, it is extremely critical to understand the algorithm and working of Pinterest. Once you know your playing field, it is only then that you will be able to score big!

How does Pinterest actually work?

Affiliate marketing is no doubt a great and effective way of earning some reliable and solid money but in a nutshell; the more sales you achieve the more commission you will get. Now the important question is, how do you get those sales?

The answer is not difficult at all but the trick lies in understanding the concept and actually implementing it smartly. The biggest misconception regarding the functioning and working of Pinterest is that it is just another social media platform which it is not. It is actually a search engine.

Yes, you heard that correct, Pinterest is a search engine. This implies that Pinterest has more in common with Google than Facebook.

Millions of users that are registered with Pinterest and log in almost daily to either casually browse, look for something specific or upload new content. All of them use the search bar. Consider, for example, a user signs in and searches for “spring fashion”. Now Pinterest will display all the posts and pins that either have spring fashion included in the description or even those who have terms related to fashion included in them.

The process is pretty simple, the more related, and appropriate and search-friendly words you include, the more are the chances of your pins, posts, and content to appear higher in the search results. This, in turn, increases your chances to be discovered, seen and visited. The more follows, visits and reach you get, the more chances are to make sales.

Here comes the point of affiliate marketing that I was discussing with you earlier. Once you picked a niche, you apply to get affiliate links for related products and services. Using SEO in your pins, boards, posts, and content increases your reach and stimulates people to try out the affiliate links you have mentioned. The more people you convince, the more money you earn.

Apart from scanning the used keywords in the description box (which signals to the Pinterest algorithm which pin is it), the Pinterest algorithm also works by scanning the visual photos and images.

Basically, it smart guesses the pin topics and boards that are related, by scanning the images and classifying them on the basis of the first impression. So make sure, the keywords you use in the description boxes and the display images and profile photos, are all relevant, identifiable and not too complex.

It is extremely important to make sure that your account is up to the mark. These small details that I have been focusing on might not seem really trivial to you but they are important. Everyone knows that the best way of making money on Pinterest is to run a blog but in case you don’t have one and wish to still earn money; your account should be THE BEST!

Now, the question is how can you ensure that your Pinterest account has been set up with perfect attention to even the smallest of the details? Don’t worry, I have you covered. Here is a list of all the pointers that you need to check off from your to-do list to make sure your account, your pins, and your content are the most discoverable, recognizable, inviting, engaging and influencing out there:

  1. Perfect keywords: I have really stressed over the perfect keywords, haven’t I?  It’s because it is important to use the right words at the right time and in the right quantity.
    1. The best way is to search your niche in the search box and you will be presented with a list of most searched or optimized keywords. Just jot them down and make sure you include them in the description of your next pins and boards. A very important point to consider here is that keywords scattering is appreciated but not stuffing. Your description must not come across as something that is being forced down your throat rather opt for keyword scattering. The smart use of keywords, a gentle sprinkle; that leaves its mark without being too prominent.
    2. Another way of finding out the best and most optimal keywords is to study and analyze the top Pinterest accounts of your niche. Observe and make notes; what keywords have they used, how do they use them and how many times are they using them? Note the keywords and make sure to use them too. More SEO friendly your descriptions are, the more visits you get and the more money you can make.
  2. Perfect Account Description: After finding out and listing down the best and most effective keywords, the next step is to use them efficiently in the description boxes of your account. The about me section needs to be filled up and make sure you include all the listed keywords in the bio section. Make sure the description you write is readable, not too complex and includes the keywords in a perfect and gentle sprinkling manner.
  3. Perfect Pinterest boards: the next step after you have done all of the above-mentioned steps is to create your boards. These boards are then used to post your pins. Again, look around and gather inspiration. Nothing on Pinterest is out of bounds or hidden. Browse, navigate, study and observe. What are the top Pinterest accounts using for their boards? How are they naming them? Observe, Analyze, monitor and get your inspiration from them.

Let’s continue with the example of fashion niche; you can get the keywords from typing fashion in the search box and getting all the related keywords such as fashion photography, fashion dresses, fashion trends and many more.

The next step is setting up the boards and giving them a name; for this purpose select fashion again and then the people option. It is advised to skip the top commercial brands and search for a successful personal account. Get inspiration from them and study their board titles.

Then come up with an SEO catchy two words or more long, board title. Something like, “what to wear to a wedding?” or “how to dress up for prom?” or “the top summer hairstyles!” are good choices for board titles.

Now you are almost done. Using the above-mentioned strategies regarding the board titles, keywords selection and apt account description, fill out the required fields and set up some SEO boards. After you are done creating boards, most of the work is done.

Next, find some relevant and interesting pins and start pinning them to your board. Always remember, the greater is your reach and discoverability, greater are your chances of bagging the best deals and affiliate links and even greater are your chances to earn money using Pinterest without a blog.

Perfect Pin design: As I have been mentioning, again and again, earning money through Pinterest without a blog is a fairly simple process but it is more smart work than hard work. You need to know exactly how to hit the right chords. Pinterest is not a social media platform where you can engage the audience in polls, reviews, surveys and so much more.

Rather it is a search engine where people can come in and search and browse the areas and topics of their interest. You can be successful only if you get searched, again and again, you present people with content that they would like to see. Content that is simple, appealing and interesting.

The next question that I will be addressing is how do you make your content interesting? Simple! You create pins that are CUTE, that are APPEALING and that are INVITING; pins that urge the reader to open the link and read on about your content. To create such pins you can use a number of different tools and applications (both paid and unpaid).

But my personal favorite and go-to tool to create awesome pins is CANVA. It is simple and free to use and gives you the opportunity to create some amazing clickable pins. Tools like Canva have pre-made templates for pins that you can use and save time. But even if you are interested in creating your own personalized pins, make sure you remember the following points:

  • Browse and look for pins similar to what you want to create. From the same niche and successful boards.
  • Always use an image that is clean, relatable and simple. Nothing too fancy or complex.
  • Make sure your pins are clearly labeled with an understandable title and readable font.
  • Make sure you stand out and catch the attention. Use bright colors such as bright pink, orange or neons. Bright font colors always catch attention.
  • Last but a very important point is to always place the Pin text at the top and not on the bottom.

While designing your own pin, make sure that the images are of HD quality. You can import your own or even use free available images on platforms like Unsplash or Pexels. Again, don’t forget to search for the top pins similar to what you are trying to create.

The use of keywords, colors, and font sizes should be proper and perfect. No one would want to open up a pin that appears to be dull, boring and uninviting. Make sure your pins are colorful, clicks with the right audience and connects with the product, service or campaign you are trying to promote.

Additional tips:

  • Now we have almost discussed all the points regarding setting up a perfectly efficient and SEO Pinterest account. From the right selection of words, the perfect description, the perfect image, and the perfect title; you have done it all. What else can you do to make sure you are out there, discoverable, seen and visited more often? Well, here is a list:
    • Although Pinterest is not a social media platform but a search engine it also works on followers. The more followers the more visits and quite possibly more money. The simplest way to get more followers is to start following people who follow your competition. Browse and hit the follow button. Once you get to 1k followers, you can stop doing it and just be regular and consistent with your work.
    • Another tip is to try and join the hot group boards of your niche. Although Pinterest algorithms have changed and the process is not as simple as it used to be but still just to give you an idea, let me put it out there for you. There are multiple people pinning on group boards. There may be accounts that are part of the group boards that have a massive following while some have only a few. When the accounts with fewer followers post in group boards, they get the chance to get their posts in front of thousands of new followers (who are technically not their own but within their reach).
    • There are multiple ways of finding the top group boards. You can do the manual search which is more time consuming and tiresome and can also use group directories such as PinGroupie.
    • Hunt down the top boards, ask the owner for the invite and wait to be invited in. Also, check what group boards your competitors are a part of and make sure you join them too. Let me tell you an exciting fact: you can create your own group boards as well. Just go to settings and select invite collaborators.

Now let’s get back to affiliate marketing!

Now that we have established what exactly affiliate marketing is and how Pinterest actually works, let me guide and brief you about how you can make it big in the world of affiliate marketing, only to later cash on this success in the world of affiliate marketing to earn some good amount of money.

Let us do a little recap here, up till now you have:

  1. Signed up with Pinterest and set up an account.
  2. Selected your areas of interest revolving around your area of focus.
  3. Finalized your niche. The niche is what drives you and should be evident through your profile, content, and pins.
  4. Developed a centralized and focused approach. You work towards the main goal by creating pins, boards, and group boards.
  5. Carefully selected SEO keywords and images to make sure your posts, pins, and content ranks higher in the search engine algorithm.

Now, it is time to discuss how you will be able to acquire affiliate links and capitalize on them to earn commission and make money.

Okay! This has been a long lecture (LOL!) but trust me it’s worth it. You cannot and I repeat CAN NOT start monetizing the amazing platform of Pinterest unless and until you have an amazingly perfect account. Every little detail has been taken care of and absolutely no loopholes have been left behind.

Once all of that has been sorted, let’s talk about affiliate marketing in detail and just how you can earn money without a blog. I have talked about this earlier as well and I will explain it again just to give you a recap: affiliate marketing is basically you playing the role of a middle man between the buyer and the seller. You speak well about the product or service. People listen to your word, trust your opinion and give it a try. BINGO! You earn a commission.

Consider, for example, you are promoting a weight loss program or the perfect gym gear to get you motivated about weight loss. Every time, a person buys the program through your link or buys the gym wear through your channel; you get paid. This is affiliate marketing in a nutshell. You include affiliate links in your profile and become a source of sales.

If you really want to start monetization through Pinterest using affiliate marketing, you need to understand the basic science of affiliate marketing. How can you score big in a game when you don’t even know the rules! Let me help you figure out how all of it actually works.

The two types of affiliate marketing are PPL and PPS.

  • PPL: PPL stands for a Pay-per-Lead affiliate program. As the name suggests, with these types of programs, you don’t need actual sales to happen in order to earn a commission. Every time a lead is generated and someone signs up, you get the money. There are a number of PPL affiliate programs that have signed up with Pinterest. You can email them directly, asking them to make you an affiliate. Once they hire you as an affiliate for their products or services you can include the link in your profile and earn with each lead being generated.
  • PPS: PPS stands for Pay-per-Sale and you are rewarded only after the actual purchase has been made. These are obviously harder affiliate programs to make money with but the reward is greater too. Once you get successful with these programs you actually are able to make so much money and that too from the comfort of your home and without a blog! Yes, you heard me right!

How does affiliate marketing actually work?

But what needs to be understood is that it is not as simple as it seems. Although the steps are simple, you sign up as an affiliate with companies registered with Pinterest and offering affiliate links and you start promoting. But is the promotion part really that simple and are leads and sales generated THAT easily?

Well, the answer to that is very simple. Affiliate marketing is as easy as you make it be. Since we have already discussed all the nuts and bolts of setting up a Pinterest account and making it SEO friendly, let’s now implement all those tips, tricks and principles and promote a link.

First thing is first and it is always to establish a business account on Pinterest. Make sure you select the topics of interest related to your field and keep your line of focus very clear and narrow.

Since we have been discussing fashion, we will carry the same context forward. You choose fashion as your main niche and select various related topics as fields of interest. Pinterest presents you with pins and boards related to fashion and its various subcategories.

You create boards with the perfect title; titles that include keywords and are simple, catchy, appealing and intriguing. How to create the SEO boards and find the perfect keywords have already been discussed above.

Next, you create pins but before that, if you are looking to earn some money you look for related affiliate links (Referral links) that you can include in your pins. You choose the pin:

  • With title: “Top 5 summer looks”
  • Include an HD quality picture
  • Use bright colors, text on top and just the perfect description.

After you prepare your pin, you pin it to your board and make it visible for your followers and others interested in looking at the summer looks. Now with this pin, you will be promoting an affiliate link of a clothing brand selling stylish summer tops. When someone opens up your pin, he/she will be directed to the website selling those summer tops.

If you signed up with the company for PPL affiliate then for every visit that signs up you will be paid and if you have signed up for Pay Per Sale affiliate then if someone makes a purchase after being routed to that page through your pin; you will get a handsome commission. More the sales, the more you earn.

As I have said earlier and I will say it again, if you wish to make money through Pinterest without a blog then your account needs to be absolutely perfect.

SEO account, SEO pins, SEO boards and loads of hard work, smart work, consistency, clear direction and dedication is what you need.

Affiliate marketing is a simple three-step process. Include the links, initiate leads and sales and earn some money.

There are additional tools that you can employ to help you have an even clearer image of where you stand. Automate your pins so you remain consistent in posting (pinning), schedule your pins according to the time when your followers are online and active. Play smart, stay true to your work and EARN BIG!

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